Gym Scaling update is being deployed and tested

Tue 11th Oct 2016 - 7:58am

New Gym Scaling update is being deployed

As per reports, Combat Power of the Pokemon inside the gym are lowered to a value near the attacking Trainer’s level. No indication that a CP change is applied is visible, but Trainers have figured out a way to track it.


The original report mentions receiving lower than expected Prestige levels while training, indicating that the defending Pokemon CP is lowered.

If you attack a gym with a Pokemon whose Level is higher than yours, that Pokemon’s Level is reduced to somewhere around your Level, making it much easier to train friendly gyms.

How does Gym Scaling Update work?

As per trainer reports, the new values seem to fall in line with adjusting the defender CP to the attacking trainer’s level.

One of the comments on the original reddit thread sums it up pretty nice:

“Thanks for the info. This could indicate that defender pokemon during training is in fact scaled down by trainer level rather than the CP of training pokemon. It appears the slowbro was of a higher level and was scaled down to match your trainer level. A level 24 slowbro with perfect IV’s has a max CP of 1781. This is consistent with your battles:

  • 1626 Exegg < 1781 Slowbro = 500 Prestige
  • 1863 Exegg > 1781 Slowbro = 250 Prestige
  • 1791 Snorlax > 1781 Slowbro = 250 Prestige


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