Top 5 Grass Pokemon for Pokemon GO

Tue 18th Oct 2016 - 8:52am


A growing number of players has recently been looking into Grass and Electric type Pokemon, mostly due to their double effectiveness against Water type Pokemon like Vaporeon. We’re happy to announce that you have some solid and easily obtainable choices to counter those pesky Water defenders in gyms.

Some of these Pokemon are stronger than other and some are surprisingly powerful with the new gym training changes (Parasect, hard carry!). Our general advice with Grass types is to invest in move sets, not CP. You can find the list of strongest Grass moves here.


Without further ado, let’s dig right in the top list!

5. Parasect

Even though people often make fun of Parasect due to it’s low Max CP of 1747, Para can be a beast against Vaporeons. However, you absolutely need aParasect with Solar Beam. Solar Beam is one of the best moves in game, and Parasect usually has strong attack speed. We suggest going for a Bug Bite / Solar Beam Parasect for optimal performance.

4. Victreebel

Victreebel is one of those easily obtainable evolutions and it’s so good, we could easily end the list here if not for Exeggutor. Victreebel has Max CP of 2531 and comes equipped with perfect moveset for taking down Water types: Razor Leaf and Solar Beam. You can even get away with Weepinbell if the defender is low CP and you have perfect dodge.

3. Vileplume

Really similar to Victreebel, just with a slightly lower Max CP of 2492. Go for the same moveset like Victreebel (Razor Leaf and Solar Beam), take care not to encounter many Ice counters and you’ll be great off. Interestingly, Gloom has also access to interesting moves like Razor Leaf and Petal Blizzard.

2. Venusaur

No grass Pokemon list is complete without Venusaur. With a Max CP of 2580 Venusaur is rated this high due to having access to Vine Whip, a quick Grass move that’s strictly better than Razor Leaf. However, if your area has no Bulbasaur nests (ours has none also), Venu could be difficult to obtain. Ivysaur, on the other hand, interestingly has access to Solar Beam, so go for it if you can’t get Venusaur.

1. Exeggutor

Nothing weird here, move along. Exeggutor is just a beast and his value is a whole tier above everyone else on this list. Max CP of 2955, access to A star moves like Zen Headbutt and Solar Beam, great combo typing (Psychic and Grass) and with a great evolution line, Exeggutor is just awesome. Get it, rule with it, train with it. It’s worth it, both as attacker and as a defender.



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